Three Reasons a More Comfortable Mower Is Worth the Investment

Let’s face it. Mowing can take it out of you. Even homeowners who use riding mowers find that hours of sitting on a machine can put a lot of strain on backs, necks, shoulders, arms, legs, and knees, thanks to common vibration, bumps and jolts. The larger the property, the more exhausting mowing can be. As a result, many folks simply dread having to mow.

Yet there’s no reason to resign yourself to fatigue, aches and pains. Because with a more comfortable zero-turn mower, you can turn mowing from a job into a joy that you’ll actually look forward to doing.


While uneven terrain can certainly be jarring, it’s the consistent vibration that quietly beats you up. Reducing vibration is key to a smoother, more comfortable mowing experience. Which is why it’s important to consider a mower’s infrastructure followed by its suspension, seat and footrest. The build quality of these components can decrease impact and strain on your back, legs and knees.

Your arms and shoulders are also affected by a mower’s design, too. Ergonomically designed, dampened dual-lever steering can provide better control of speed and direction, so you don’t have to work as hard. It’s important to test out a mower’s steering levers for ease of use. While the dual-lever design is preferable to a steering wheel, not all steering levers are created equal. Don’t defeat the purpose of the design by settling for rigid or stiff lever action. Consider steering levers that are smooth and responsive. Ultimately, a well-designed operator’s station helps maximize visibility and minimize twisting and turning.


We all know that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. So, when you are looking for a new mower, finding one that can effectively adjust to your individual size will make all the difference. In addition to lever adjustments that let you position steering levers to an ideal position, look for adjustable backrests, armrests and lumbar support with weight-adjusted suspension.

Just like your seat and steering wheel position in your car, personal settings serve to increase the enjoyment of your ride and reduce unnecessary aches and pains. Plus, you won’t dread staying on the mower for longer periods of time when tackling a large piece of property or challenging worksite.


As rewarding as mowing can be, you probably have other things you’d rather be doing. Comfort plays a key role in increased productivity as well as reduced mowing times. With a smoother ride and precise, intuitive control of a mower’s zero-radius maneuverability, you’ll be able to get more done with your mower, including eliminating most secondary trimming. And, of course, less time mowing means more time relaxing. And nothing is as comfortable as putting your feet up and looking over a perfectly manicured lawn.

When it comes to mowing comfort, a Grasshopper True ZeroTurn™ mower can turn mowing from a job into a joy. In addition to a durable steel chassis, superior suspension and best-in-class iso-mounted seat, Grasshopper mowers also feature our Hydra-Smooth™ dampened dual-lever steering as well as QuikAjust Tilt™ levers and ComfortReach™ “no-tools” lever adjustment. All which make for one of the most comfortable rides in the industry. You’ll leave your Grasshopper feeling just as fresh as you did when you stepped aboard.